A Sustainable Solution Bringing People, Planet and Profit Together

Sole Revolution reflects a commitment to innovative yet practical product stewardship that reduces the lifecycle impacts of product manufacture and use. Brought to you by Sustainable Performance Solutions, Sole Revolution aims to support your “triple bottom line.”

Sustainable Performance Solutions is committed to bringing experts and like-minded businesses together to meet the multiple objectives of sustainability – people, planet and profit. Together, we can bring about lasting change by the way we design, produce and use products and manage resources along the value chain – but if we don’t balance the needs of different stakeholders, change slows, or never even occurs. That is the essence of sustainability, and of Sustainable Performance Solutions.

Do better. Our products are tested, analyzed and LEED Certified.

Synthetic turf is greener than you may realize, because it doesn’t need mowing, watering or pesticides. At the same time, synthetic turf offers premium performance because it never gets muddy, can handle more events per day, week or month, and offers a consistent surface for enhanced safety.

Sole Revolution is produced from recycled high-performance footwear materials – both pre- and post-consumer. Some is produced domestically; some is shipped from footwear manufacturing locations overseas. Either way, the carbon footprint is less than that of manufacturing and transporting virgin material alternatives. Extending the life of these materials that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated is just another plus for sustainability.

Sole Revolution’s environmental profile is also demonstrated in its ability to contribute toward environmental stewardship objectives such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification. LEED® expertise and certification is increasingly important for builders, architects, designers and others that seek to demonstrate commitment to the environment.

Sole Revolution is a compelling solution not just because our infill is made from 100-percent-recycled content, but because the shoes are also made with “Green Rubber,” and meet demanding chemical standards. These characteristics don’t degrade over time; in fact, the leading-edge material science behind them means Sole Revolution retains its inherent value forever.