Sole-Revolution for Schools and Sport Centers

Artificial turf. Real performance.

Sole Revolution is suitable for practically any sport, turf system, facility or weather condition. Sole Revolution is produced from recycled high-performance footwear materials – both pre- and post-consumer. Materials throughout the footwear industry are subject to and routinely tested for compliance with stringent consumer product chemistry standards that far exceed the requirements for sports surfaces such as synthetic turf. Just a few benefits include:

  • Non-marking – it won’t mark balls, or shoes or kids.
  • Virtually odorless – no intense rubber smell on a hot day.
  • Heat-reducing – it can reduce heat buildup by up to 20 percent.
  • Consistent performance – meets all the standard performance criteria of traditional ambient or cryogenic rubber infill.

What’s more, you know that athletes can be role models in many ways, and you can show them how. If you care about your environmental footprint, Sole Revolution means even more than peak performance – it means a compelling sustainability story. Sole Revolution uses 100% recycled content brought to you through trusted partnerships with the top brands in the athletic shoe industry. It can be recycled over and over, in the very same field if you choose. We are even working on ways to return Sole Revolution to the production cycle, making new shoes or other consumer products in the future.

Think of your players – and our planet. Get a premium grade infill with a unique sustainability proposition: Sole Revolution– an affordable way to make your athletes proud to play on your field.

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