Sole-Revolution for Manufacturers and Installers

Competitive advantage. Ultimate value.

As field purchasers look for better ways to manage the product lifecycle, you may be raising environmental sensitivity on your priority list. If so, Sole Revolution offers a compelling alternative that will reflect these priorities and provide the competitive advantage you and every athlete who uses your field demands.
Sole Revolution is produced from recycled high-performance footwear materials – both pre- and post-consumer. Materials throughout the footwear industry are subject to and routinely tested for compliance with stringent consumer product chemistry standards that exceed the requirements for sports surfaces such as synthetic turf.
Suitable for practically any synthetic turf system, Sole Revolution provides the ultimate value for you and your customer. We understand your competitive environment, and how important it is for any solution to make clear business sense. We will work with you to understand and articulate the value and benefits of Sole Revolution within the context of your unique turf system, and ensure your operations team gets what you need, when you need it.
Finally, as a trusted partner of high-end athletic shoe manufacturers, we offer customers and athletes the credibility, reliability and vision of worldwide shoe brands – so your reputation will be as long-lasting as your synthetic turf fields. Practical innovation. Indispensable partner support. Brand recognition and respect. Get the performance and overall value you expect and demand.

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