Sole-Revolution for Designers and Architects

A synthetic turf infill that’s better by design.

Minimize your projects’ environmental footprint while maximizing the aesthetic design of your synthetic turf system. Here are just a few of the key reasons architects choose Sole Revolution for their synthetic turf infill:

  • Leading-edge material science – Our recycled materials are formulated and processed to have long-term inherent and durable value. This gives you great options relative to virgin or sub-prime materials.
  • Rigorously tested – Sole Revolution has been carefully tested to ensure its impact attenuation, density, compaction and compaction change rates are suitable for a broad range of synthetic turf systems.
  • Customizable – Sole Revolution will work with the manufacturer of your choice to determine the precise specifications, proportions and color mix suitable for your field – so you can get the exact right look and feel.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – In many instances you can specify the level of color variation in your infill, creating an aesthetic advantage as well as a lower thermal response.
  • Can contribute to LEED® certification – Because it’s made from 100-percent-recycled material, Sole Revolution can help you earn points toward LEED® certification.
  • Cost-effective – Perhaps best of all, Sole Revolution offers a competitive price point and maximum value – so your clients get all the environmental and safety benefits, without added cost.

With Sole Revolution, athletes perform at their highest level for years to come – and so can you. Find out how you can use Sole Revolution in your next surfacing project now.

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