Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sole Revolution?

Sole Revolution is an exciting new 100-percent-recycled infill alternative. With Sole Revolution, we leverage consumer-optimized “Green Rubber” formulation for high-performance footwear. Our infill is produced with high-end athletic shoe rubber material made from either pre-consumer production byproduct from manufacturing centers, or from post-consumer recoveries.

Is Sole Revolution safe?

Sole Revolution is made from contaminant-free recycled materials. All materials are subject to and routinely tested to comply with consumer product restricted substance lists. These limits are based on legislation applying to substances in consumer products designed to be worn on the body, as well as substances that environmentally focused athletic shoe manufacturers voluntarily elect to restrict in footwear, apparel and equipment.

Together these represent some of the most stringent standards worldwide. The RSL includes limits on the amount of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury, as well as azo dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, amongst many other parameters.

This means that Sole Revolution is non-toxic under any atmospheric or environmental conditions your field will face. In addition, by reducing on-field temperatures, it is valuable for both indoor and outdoor fields.

For more information on our rigorous testing protocols view our Specifications

Why choose synthetic turf over natural grass?

Synthetic turf holds a number of benefits over natural grass fields, including:

• Reduced water consumption by hundreds of thousands of gallons each year.
• No fertilizers or pesticides required. In fact, the resulting clean rainwater that passes through the drainage system can be captured and used for irrigation elsewhere.
• No need to mow or landfill tons of trimmings. In addition, maintenance costs drop dramatically.
• Provides consistency for athletes as well as the game itself.
• Improved safety no matter the weather and the level of use.

With which turf systems can I use Sole Revolution?

Each synthetic turf system is different, with both subtle and not-so-subtle trade offs. We have designed Sole Revolution to be used in a wide variety of systems, and will work with the turf manufacturer of your choice to deal with any unusual or customized requirements.

How do I buy Sole Revolution?

Sole Revolution synthetic turf infill is available to and from synthetic turf manufacturers and installers, as well as directly to field purchasers. It can be shipped to practically any location worldwide. Whether you are interested in a new installation, enhancement or maintenance, Sole Revolution can help make your field something special.

Contact us to request a quote about your project and we’ll help you get started right away.

How much does Sole Revolution cost?

Cost depends on a number of factors, including the size and location of the project and special specification requirements. Typically, synthetic turf manufacturers purchase infill along with other raw materials such as sand and gravel. They design and build a unique system to meet field purchasers’ overall performance, environmental and cost objectives. Regardless of how those factors play out, we’re convinced you’ll be impressed with the overall value Sole Revolution provides.

contact us or request a quote for more information.

What kinds of colors are available? Can I get my school’s colors?

Because these byproducts are driven by the designs associated with a variety of shoes, Sole Revolution can generally be obtained in light, dark or mixed colors, which help match it to the aesthetic vision you have for your field. However, our infill isn’t meant to be completely white, black, or dyed the shade of your school colors, because this would take away from its sustainable story – which we think your players and fans will like even more.

Learn more about whether Sole Revolution is right for you. Contact us.

How long will Sole Revolution product last?

Sole Revolution will last the life of the typical field, generally considered to be eight to 10 years for most manufacturers. Normal maintenance is required to ensure appropriate infill depth and consistency over time.

Is Sole Revolution LEED® certified? Can Sole Revolution contribute to my project’s LEED® certification?

LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and was developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED® certification represents an independent verification, based on an internationally recognized and rigorous system, that a builder is using best practices as they relate to water and energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and resource stewardship. LEED® expertise and certification is increasingly important for builders, architects, designers and others that seek to demonstrate commitment to the environment.

Sole Revolution can contribute to LEED® certification, but is not itself LEED® certified. Sole Revolution’s benign chemical compositions and resulting performance characteristics, as well as its 100-percent-recycled content, make for a natural fit with LEED® objectives. It is an environmentally sensitive alternative to partially recycled materials, especially if these materials contain phthalates or heavy metals. Sole Revolution is designed to help you earn LEED® points in multiple categories, and ultimately, LEED® certification.

Do you donate synthetic turf to worthy projects?

Because a synthetic turf field includes more than just infill, and because there are many great systems out there to choose from, Sustainable Performance Solutions does not donate “fields.” Our efforts are focused instead on making the promise of sustainability without compromise a reality for as many communities and athletes as possible, and on helping partners reduce their environmental footprint. We leave the field installations to the experts, our surfacing partners.

We do, however, look for opportunities to support worthy causes through collaborative outreach and marketing, and at times marked discounts. We put our money where our mouth is to facilitate community and athlete development through sport, but a limited number of project investments are available each year, subject to our giving guidelines.

How can I partner with Sustainable Performance Solutions?

Sustainable solutions are all we do, and we refuse to offer or procure solutions that compromise on performance or value. Sustainable Performance Solutions can help you develop and implement customized and scalable product stewardship solutions. This may involve support of strategic and lifecycle analysis, business planning, market development or value chain management.

Contact Sustainable Performance Solutions to learn more, and tell us what you had in mind.