Synthetic Turf Infill Made From the Shoes Designed to Play On it.

Sole Revolution brings the energy and materials science expertise of the world’s foremost athletic shoe brands to the synthetic turf market. A proven alternative to crumb rubber made from tires, Sole Revolution is a 100% recycled infill that will improve the performance and reduce the environmental risk and impact of any field that uses infill. Sole Revolution is a high performance synthetic turf infill that is also durable, non-marking, and odorless.

Athletic shoe soles come in black, white and everything in-between, the variable color spectrum of our infill reduces heat build up on hot days by a substantial amount compared to traditional crumb rubber. Every time an athlete steps onto a field with our infill, they will notice and feel the Sole Revolution difference.

What Matters Most to You?
Sole Revolution Tire Rubber Virgin Rubber & TPE Organics
Cost Effectiveness X ? ?  ?
Playability & Performance X ? ?  ?
Heavy Metals PAH Content X  ? ? ?
Durability X  ? ? ?
Heat Mitigation X  ?  ? ?
LEED Certification X  ? ? ?
TOTAL VALUE X  ?  ?  ?

Sole Revolution – The Premium Infill Option

When performance, health and sustainability matter, there is only one product on the market today that checks all the boxes –
Sole Revolution.

While we have the utmost respect for our competitors and admit that Sole Revolution may not necessarily be the best option for every field purchaser, we will continue to proudly stand behind our product.

Do some research and talk with
your synthetic turf supplier or installer.
You will find that Sole Revolution synthetic turf infill is the best value on the market.