Think of It as Sustainability for Your CFO

Sole Revolution is brought to you by Sustainable Performance Solutions, a company committed to delivering innovative, yet practical, product stewardship solutions to clients of all sizes, as well as the strategic and tactical support needed to turn sustainability into real competitive advantage.

Whether you are looking for a specific product solution to a specific need, seek distribution or procurement support, or simply want to explore ways to expand and enhance your sustainability initiatives, we can help. Benefit from the technical and business expertise of our team, rooted in dedication to customer results.

As a trusted partner to high-end athletic shoe manufacturers, Sustainable Performance Solutions has proven capability and credibility, and has the expertise needed to bring innovation and sustainability to its partners and customers.

Our solutions are built upon sophisticated material science, experience in the nitty-gritty of getting things done and a commitment to the best in customer support.

Turn sustainability talk into action and set yourself apart. Find the sweet spot between people, planet and financial performance that is Sustainable Performance. Here’s how we’ll get there faster – together:

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Premium Products made from the soles of the world’s top shoe brands

An increasing number of Athletic Shoe Manufacturers are making good on their commitment to Sustainability and Product Stewardship. Sole Revolution, brought to you by Sustainable Performance Solutions, is a primary example of how these companies can make those concepts an inherent part of their core business.

Bringing Sole Revolution to the market in 2010 meant that thousands of tons of manufacturing scrap were no longer landfilled or burned in incinerators.

The success of this new application brought visibility and transparency to previously underappreciated programs.

The premium rubber of athletic shoes, which met the highest industry standards for human and environmental safety, created an alternative for field purchasers that were concerned about the potential environmental and human safety risks of crumb rubber made from tires.

The high value associated with this new option also meant that the entire athletic shoe supply chain could earn a profit by doing the right thing.

Sole Revolution helps top athletic shoe manufacturers prove that they take innovation and corporate responsibility seriously, creating sustainable and high performing systems.