Have it all – and preserve it all.

Price. Durability. Sustainability. Performance. Whether you’re concerned about heavy
metals and pthalates or temperature and end of life re-use of your infill, you’ll get it
all from Sole Revolution with Nike Grind. 


Power your sustainability story – and your installation system.

See how Sole Revolution with Nike Grind can take your business to new heights. With a compelling sustainability story and worldwide brand recognition, you’ll be fiscally and environmentally responsible. 


Take the lead in environmental design.

Sole Revolution with Nike Grind meets your physical, chemical, aesthetic and environmental standards, and can also contribute to LEED® certification.

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home_title2.jpgFeel confident about your turf system by insisting on Sole Revolution with Nike Grind – a synthetic turf infill solution made with 100 percent recycled rubber from high-performance footwear. Containing highly optimized consumer-grade rubber, Sole Revolution offers the premier properties and performance advantages you demand.